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The Ultimate Photo Manager and Editor

Organize your photos/videos and having fun with them!

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This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

Navigate and Search



Navigating through years, months or events is just easy and fast.
You can jump to photos/videos you want to see with minimum scrolls.


You can overlook all places where you have been.
Tap to see photos and videos took in specific location.


The most efficient way to manage photos is a tag. Tagging your photos and search with those tags.
You will be able to find exactly what you want to see whenever you need.


You can search with tags you added.
Moreover there are predefined tags and search keywords helping to narrow your search result.

User Smart Album

You can create an user smart album with various search options.


If you create many albums, you hope to create a folder and grouping albums.
You can manage folders in HashPhotos and those folders will be synced between all devices and Mac using iCloud Photo Library.

Customizable UI

Light Theme


You can choose between light, dark and deep dark themes. Everyone has own favor.


Sometimes you want to see more photos in a screen and sometimes a few but larger thumbnails.
Thumbnails can be square or photo ratio preserved style.


Favorite, Location, Panorama and Live Photo badges on thumbnail will make you recognize those photos easily on thumbnails view.

Additional Information

Dimensions, time, file size or file name can be displayed on thumbnails.


Grouping by month helps you know where you are scrolling fast. Of course, you can choose not to be grouped by month.

Sort and Ordering

By default, all photos are sorted by creation date. You can choose sort none so you can see just like Photos app. And if you set sort in album to none, you can reordering photos in an album.


Photo Editor

Photo Editor

Most of the daily photo editing can be done with easy to use integrated editor beyondFoto.
beyondFoto editor provides beautiful filters and many useful functions.

Video Editor

An integrated video editor provides basic functions like trim, rotate and filters.

Quick Edit

You don't need to open editor, edit and save for rotating and flipping. Just one long press and one tap is all you need to do.




Information view shows camera model, size, shutter speed, exposure, location and more.
You can navigate photos and see information without leaving information view.

Metadata Viewer

Do you need more details about your photos?
HashPhotos provides a metadata viewer for all of the details on a photo.


For professional users, histogram will help see more about your photos.


Sometimes a photo cannot be descriptive enough and you may want to add some description to it.
Make a memo to keep situation or emotion with your photo.

Animated GIF/PNG

Animated images are live in HashPhotos.
You can play Animated GIF and APNG.



Passcode and Touch ID

HashPhotos can be protected with a passcode. Touch ID is also supported.
Your tags and memos can be kept safe.

Private Album

A passcode protected private album is all iOS useres wanna be feature.
Keep safe your private photos and videos.

Remove Metadata

Remove metadata and location information of a photo before sharing or uploading to somewhere.

Clean Up

Clean Up
Find Similar Photos

Find Similar Photos

Your photo library may be full of similar photos.
They are eating up disk space and making your photo library boring.
Find similar photos and clean up your library.

Compare and Pick

Having difficulty which photos you need to delete and which photos to keep? HashPhotos provides great tool to compare those photos.


Clean Up


Importing photos from your Mac to iPhone need not to be complex. Keywords and caption/description in a photo will be also imported as tags and memo on HashPhotos.


Export your photos on your iPhone/iPad to Mac organized. Photos can be organized by folders in a way you want to be grouped. File names can be also customized. Tags and memo will be preserved.

HashPhotos Transfer



Batch Operations

  • Favorite/
  • Set Location
  • Resize
  • Hide
  • Adjust

Having Fun with Multiple Photos

  • Create
    Animated GIF
  • Combine
  • Combine


  • Video
    to GIF
  • Live Photo
    to GIF
  • Extract Image
    from Video
  • Live Photo
    to Still Image


  • Duplicate
  • Slideshow

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HashPhotos - Download on the App Store

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad