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Quickly browse HashPhotos' key features. Enhance your photo management and creativity effortlessly.
Organize Photos Keyword (Tagging) Unsorted Album - Organize photos that are not assigned to albums Album Bar - Just tap to add a photo to an album Tray - Put photos on a tray and work with them all at once Smart Album - Make frequently searched photos into smart albums Clean Up Photos Find Duplicates - Clean up duplicate or similar photos Compare and Pick - Compare similar photos in side-by-side or overlay mode Find Similar Photos - You can find photos similar to a specific photo Navigate Photos Timeline and Event - Scroll quickly and easily to the desired viewpoint Calendar - Use the calendar to see photos on an exact date Map - See where you have been Search - Search by user keywords or predefined filters Photo Viewer Animated Images - HashPhotos brings animated image to life Info Summary - You can quickly and easily find information about your photos Metadata Viewer - Learn everything about your photo Histogram - judge the entire tonal distribution at a glance Live Text - Easily copy text from images Cut-out Object - Cut-out an object from the image Keep Safe Photos Private Album - Keep your photos safe so no one else or app can see them Privacy Options - Remove personal information when sharing photos Passcode Lock - Stay safe with a passcode Export Photos and Albums Export to Files - Export albums, folders, or all albums to the Files Send to Mac/PC - Send photos to your Mac or Windows computer via Wi-Fi Share - Share your photos with various people and apps Import Photos Import from Files - Import files or a folder into your photo library Import from Mac/PC - Import photos from your Mac or Windows computer via Wi-Fi Download image or video from Instagrm Feed - Just copy a feed link and paste in HashPhotos Built-in Camera - Take a photo and save it directly to your album Paste Images - Copy image or image URL and paste it in HashPhotos to save to your photo library Tools for Photos Adjust Date and Time - Adjust the date and time to get the photo in the right position Adjust Location - Add or edit location information Edit Metadata - Add information to your photos Remove Metadata - Delete unnecessary information when sharing Edit Title - Give a title for what photo it is Edit Memo - Add description to make them even better memories Resize Images Rotate Images Apply Filter to Multiple Images Invert Color Convert Image Format Convert Video to Animated Image Extract Image from Video Live Photo to Still Image or Video Slideshow Combine Images Create Animated GIF Photo Editor Crop, Rotate, Flip Curve, Grain, Vignette, Vibrance, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Exposure and more More than 50 Filters Eraser, Frame, Shape Mask, Tilt Shift Image Overlay, Text Overlay, Sticker, Drawing, Blur Video Editor Trim, Crop, Rotate, Flip Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Vibrance, Vignette and more 9 Filters Customizable Options Thumbnail Options Viewer Options Other Options